Mixed results

hi everyone, 

looking for some reassurance, please ?

ive always had clear Pap smears until recently. I had my son in October 2019 and they recommended I have my pap shortly after. I had it roughly 9 weeks after he was born. The pap came back with "possible"CIN3 so I was referred to the hospital for a colposcopy. In December I had a biopsy and it returned with CIN3 and GCIN - but again he said it was "possible" not confirmed. I thought maybe it was a botched result due to hormones straight after birth. He thought not. He wanted to do the letz however he said it is odd that me cervix is clear, doesn't appear to have CIN3 at all. I didn't like the "let's do the procedure anyway" approach as if only just had a baby. So he ordered two more biopsies and they came back as cin1, clear pap, but hpv 18 present. Since then, I've had no letz but in total 9 or 10 biopsies. Except for the first CIN3 and GCIN, all have been either clear or cin1 - hpv 18 persistent. Since my last one, they recommended I wait 6 months. 

my worry hops around like this: the first result gave insight into what's going on further up, and biopsies haven't been able to register it again and I should have had the letz anyway. Orr.. the first result was a false result due to pregnancy hormones still present and I have nothing to worry about? 

I called my doctor and asked if CIN3 can regress that quickly? What for GCIN is still there. She said that in six months time nothing is likely to change so if I want the letz then I can have it but she asked if I'd finished with having children yet. I don't want to have to have the procedure if I don't need to. But why for GCIN register once and then not again? Did it go? Or was it never there? 

I read recently about someone that had just had a recent Pap smear and they had missed a rarer type.. I'm really nervous since reading it.


has anyone had this kind of experience? I could really use the support ?



My sister had her smear done at around 7 weeks after her son was born. 

In total she had 3 biopsies over 9 months which all came back normal but the smears kept returning abnormal. 

In the end the hospital deturmined that she her body hadnt fully recovered from childbirth and was having the smears too close to childbirth. She then waited 12 months before having another one, at this point my nephew was almost 2, and the smear came back normal for the first time since birth. 

I hope it all works out for you. 

So many people in this forum and yet I find myself very alone. 


I'm sorry I can't give any advice on your situation as I've not been through something similar myself. I know it's a really stressful process to go through, the only general advice I can give is can you ring the colposcopy department directly? I've called them a few times with questions as I find that they understand the process/procedure  and are able to give more detailed information than the GP. I know you mentioned in your post about speaking to your doctor, but I wasn't sure if this was the colposcopy or GP.

there is also an ask the experts section on here that may be able to give you some useful information.

really sorry I couldn't be much help and I really hope you're doing well xx