Mixed results

Hi everyone, 

im wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar. In October I had a baby and had a papsmear not long after. It can't back as possible CIN3 and HPV18. This prompted a biopsy, one biopsy! It came back as confirmed CIN3 and glandular changes. BUT.. the my cervix looked perfectly clear and a repeat pap came back clear. So he took another two biopsies. One from the same area and one from somewhere else and another papsmear. 

They said: biopsies both clear, papsmear clear!! Hpv was present. They gave me a repeat appointment in 6 months and later also said that it was now just CIN1.. my question: how is it CIN1 if it all came back as clear? And does this mean that they were wrong the first time? 

I've now had 1 positive pap 1 positive biopsy. And following that 2 negative biopsies 2 negative paps and a every single time my cervix is clear. 

anyone had any false positives? Or CIN3 changes to clear? 

I was told pregnancy can effect the outcome of a Pap test if it's given immediately.. had anyone ever had this happen? 

Sorry you are dealing with this. I've never experienced anything like this or heard of it but HPV is such a tricky and unpredictable virus. There is a lot of confusion among even the most obvious cases. Doctors almost always push for surgical intervention at the slightest sign of trouble, so if your doctor is not looking to push for any immediate treatment take some comfort in that. HPV is typically very slow progressing (I've had CIN 3 for upwards of 8 years and it has not developed into cancer that we know of). Try to relax and trust the process however confusing it may be.