Mixed feelings after colposcopy appointment

Went for my appointment this morning but any treatment / investigation was hard because the dr struggled to get to my cervix. I have had a lot of it taken away from previous lletz procedures so there is not a lot to ‘work with’ . This was my 3rd time at colposcopy previously I’ve had cin3 and cin2 , at this visit no dye , no colposcope, no biopsies taken and they stuggled to get the right speculum . I’m hpv high risk for 2 years now, they “think” its only mild abnormalities, and told I’ve to go back in 12 months for a repeat smear. She went to get a colleague to see if they could locate cervix but nobody was free to assist , feel a bit let down and brushed under the carpet left hospital feeling confused and annoyed.

Your cervix actually moves slightly as well depending on where you are in your cycle (I only know this after having failed coil removals 3 times last year as well as a smear etc). I would have thought they would try and book you one at a different time to see it. What was your smear results this time?

I dont have periods anymore and my smear was mild changes.