Mixed CIN Results


I have been experiencing a great deal of discouragement for 3 months while obtaining a finalized diagnosis for CIN. I had a pap smear showing CIN 1 in April 2016 and a Colposcopy showing negative CIN 1 but the pap showing different results now mainly low with rare high grade cells in May from a GYN specialist. An ECC was not done with that colposcopy and they wanted to have me wait close to two months to obtain a LEEP. I called another specialist to have this taken sooner but this place did a second colposcopy with ECC in July. Now this colposcopy and ecc are both showing CIN 3. I am just wondering how I can go from barely CIN 1 to 3 in 3 months? How can these tests miss such a wide gap diagnosis? I want to have hope things are going to be ok but news keeps getting worse. I am going to discuss treatment options on whether the leep or cone biopsy will now be recommended…I am trying all I can to be healthy and maintain low stress. But this constant bad news spikes my horrible health anxiety :frowning:

Hi kao101, it can happen like that, it did to me and it's awful when you suffer from health anxiety, it is strange though and makes you doubt they know what they are doing. Hopefully they will remove it all for you quickly, just do all you can to keep your cervix healthy, no smoking, take your folic acid and green tea if you can and lots of fruit and vegetables,  I also stopped taking the mini pill as my problems seem to really start after I started taking that even though doctors keep telling me there's no proven link. Best of luck to you x

Thank you for your support Libby. I am waiting for the LEEP to be scheduled and I hope there is nothing worse found with that biopsy further up. I am looking forward to moving past this. 

Thank you for your response. :)