Mistreatment and Periods after LLETZ

So I had LLETZ treatment at the end of august following colposcopy results that stated I had CIN3. They did the LLETZ treatment, 3 weeks latter I then received a letter to say my results had been mixed up from my colposcopy and I had in fact only got CIN1 not CIN3 and I should have never received the LLETZ treatment. 4 weeks after treatment I had a regular period, however now a month later I’m due to come on and I’m now late (rate for me to be late, last time I was late I got a big suprise and found out I was pregnant with my first!) I’ve done a pregnancy test it’s negative and now I’m questioning if somethings not quite right? I’ve experienced the odd symptom of a period like the mild cramp and a bit of back ache but no sign of bleeding. Anyone had anything similar?
Also If anyone else has had this experience with wrong results and having treatment when they shouldn’t have please let me know if you took legal advice as I really don’t know where to go with it but it would be greatly appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you

Sorry you’ve gone through this! Sounds awful that you would be so worried about having cin3 to then find cin1.

Mines an odd case smear last year showed endocervical glandular neoplasia (cgin) hpv 16 positive I was seen in colpscopy given a womb punch biopsy which came back normal and discharged to 3 year recall smears. This year get a phone call dr is under incident investigation for not treating with lletz/cervix biopsy and not discussing at mdt which should have happened. So far this year I’ve had two lletz treatments first one just showed hpv changes but not cin or cgin. The dr the. Offered to do lletz again (perhaps due to possible skip lesions which can happen when glandular cells are found) I’m still awaiting official results and mdt meeting but my gp has shown me the results and they show absolutely nothing! not even hpv, Just some inflammation which is prob due to me having the first lletz only a few months ago maybe. So I’m left feeling should I still be worried or has it gone.

I don’t feel annoyed about this as I would prefer them to over-treat than under treat incase it then develop to more. Due to my family history mum and grandma having cancer I would have happily gone with a hysterectomy if they’d have offered :see_no_evil: I’m quite optimistic that at my next smear in Dec test of cure I might actually test neg for hpv due to the lletzs though so please take the lletz as a positive in that sense.

Does your letter say if the results were mixed up as in mixed up with someone else’s or that the dr in colpscopy had thought there was more just from the solution they put on and smear? Did they take biopsy’s at your first colpscopy to get to that conclusion. If you want to find out more info and you are in the U.K. there are a few options
•request your medical records takes around a month you receive an email (watch out for it titled accesstodata)
•complain to PALS the hospital complaints dept if you just want to know more info they can arrange a nurse to chase up your case and get the dr to call you. You could ask about your period at this point too. If you want to make a formal complaint they may require this in writing.
• if you want to take it even further then check with a solicitor. I don’t have any experience of this process though. I did look into it but things I found were more about find cancer when they’d been negligent.

My periods did get messed up with the lletz both times I was due around the time of the procedures. The first lletz I felt that my period never happened as it was just watery pink discharge and then was late but then my period turned up and was ok following. This time I’ve bleed more and some clots which I think is a mix of period and lletz I’ve not stopped bleeding fully yet so will see what happens at the end of this month when I’m due again. I would give it abit longer and keep checking pregnancy wise hopefully it’ll turn up but defo check with gp or colpscopy clinic if not.