Mistletoe Treatment

When first diagnosed I went to the GP, my practice is  both anthroposophical and normal NHS practice. Which means more holistic and integrates herbs, homeopathy etc. doc suggested mistletoe treatment but I thought it would be complex and things were rushing on - but I called him this week to say is it useful when I have surgery booked, and he said it is useful at any stage of cancer. Here is a link to a page of UK treatment centres. It is available on NHS in some areas I think:


I'll let you know how it goes, I will be self-injecting I think. 

I'm also considering ringing a medical intuitive and have booked to see Rosy Daniel, integrated health Dr specialising in cancer.  She helped a friend  to understand and choose the medical options that best suited her cancer, supported family, lifestyle choices at different points - she made a miraculous recovery.  I appreciate this is not everyone's thing  at all  but thought to share as some of you may be curious, be considering similar or may not know of these options. 

best wishes


Hey mitch

i have heard about it to and was going to see my gp about a referral for it.

let me know how u get on and what u think of it!



I have picked up the prescription and borrowed a book about it, going away for a week and then will start it week after if it feels right. GP does first one, then me but superfised, then we take it from there. Fascinating stuff... let me know how you get on too.

I've never heard of this!

What is it?  Don't really want to turn to Google....

Hi Sweet pea,

I Googled it for you and added links but that has triggered the spam filter and I cannot post them. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe to Google Mistletoe Therapy without frightening yourself. Basically it seems to be a recent discovery in curing cancer. Extracts from the mistletoe plant are injected under your skin and seemingly increases survival rates.

Hope your treatment gets off to a good start today :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks tivoli!

Hi Moonfish, I just came across this post and was wanting to ask about how you have found the misltoe treatment? I have never heard of it before but would be very interested in what your thoughts are. I'm new here and learning as much as I can. I have just started vit c shots this week.

Kind regards Sarah :)