Mistakes within the NHS

Hello ladies,

im just wondering if anyone post treatment has sued the NHS?


lots of mistakes were made before I was diagnosed causing the abnormality to chance in to cancer. I have lymphodema and I'm unable to conceive naturally.

the hospital has admitted liability in my case but it's been on going now for 3 years. We have a court daset for for between Feb 2014 and April 2014.


just wondrring if anyone has had a similar experience??

thank you,


Hi liz 

Sorry to hear your still having problems after all this time and that its taken so long for you to get a court date . 

I had a rh 15 months ago after 1b1 diagnosis , last month at my 12 week check up I was told that my past smears had been looked at and that in hindsight the last 2 showed signs of abnormal cells , the letter they've send me to this affect is with a solicitor at the moment , just so I can get advise , if you'd like to pm me I'd love to hear from you about your story , I'm away now till tues with no Internet , either way I hope everything works out for you 

Best wishes Tracey