Missed treatment

I am a little worried my radiation person called this morning to cancel my session due to a power failure. I was woundering if this will affect my out come because of missing this day. I am really worried anyone else had to miss a session. :frowning:
Thank u ladys

hi there. 

They will most likely add a day on at the end But It will not affect the outcome.

The important thing is that treatment is completed under 55 days. For some reason if all of treatment, external beam and brachy with adjuvant chemotherapy is completed under this time the statistics of cure rate are higher then if the treatment takes longer then 55 days. That's why we can have the weekends off.

They will add on a day or might not even worry about it as that will be determined by your dr. The standard amount of external radio is 25 +/- 3 days. 

In other words.... no worries you are good! :)

hi mmouse 

i missed last Monday as it was a bank holiday so they gave me two sessions on Thursday, 8 hours apart, it was no different.

As Lolli888 has said, they will just slot another one in within the time frame.

Wendy x