Missed smears and now anxious

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. I'm 60, and about 10 years ago was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Systemic, sclerosis. It's incurable and progressive, but I'm doing ok. Was also found to gave sjogrens syndrome, which causes dry EVERYTHING However, at first diagnosis I was very frightened and had what seemed like endless tests. At about the same time I was called for my routine smear  but because I was so stressed, I just couldn't face another test at that time ( yes, stupid I know). Somehow the years have passed and I haven't done anything about it- till now. Have no symptoms, no pain, no bleeding, no discharge,but am terrified I might have cancer now. Have never had an Hpv test so don't know if I'm positive or not. Am also worried about the test as the Sjogrens means penetration is painful. I did have a positive smear in my 20s, treated with cone biopsy.  Every smear since was ok. I know I might be over reacting, but all other conditions have left me with a crippling health anxiety. I'm so sorry for long post but hoping someone has some words of advice. Thanks x 

Just to round off this thread. Had my smear test and it hurt like hell!! Nurse was very good: small speculum and plenty of lube but my cervix is tilted and was hard to access. With some gymnastic moves the deed was done. Nurse said probably 5 weeks but results came back in 11 days - clear. Thankyou for keeping me sane Lilypingu. Hope you remain well xx