Missed period and discharge a year after cone treatment for 1a1 cc

i had a large cone biopay done last august for treatment for stage 1a1 cervical cancer. Since then i have had 2 all clears - my last one in august this year and since last year my periods were on time every month but were really heavy and sometimes clots for 3-4 days (sorry tmi). Last month my period didnt start properly, instead ive had light spotting for the last 4 weeks and discharge. No discomfort or pain. My period was due on this week again and it looked like the start of it but again its just spotting and a browny discharge. 
Has anyone else had anything like this?
 Im wondering whether i may have an infection? or my minds doing overtime now thinking cervical cancer come back and they missed it in august ? I just have no idea why this can happen? 


Could you maybe be pregnant? A good indicator of infection is if the discharge is smelly.
If in any doubt I’d go to the gp for a chat. Periods can be late for many different reasons x

im defo not pregnant. I was thinking delayed period was due to a lot of stress ive had the past few months. This proberly sounds disgusting but the smell is more like an amonia one? Im going to pop to the doctors tomorrow morning after the school run to try get appointment with female doc this week (our docs never seem to answer the phone )