missed period after LLETZ procedure.

So I had my procedure done last month, found out I had cin3 cells

but the doctor got rid of all the irregularities that she could see at the time

I had my periods / bleeding 1 day afterwards which lasted 

Around 3 - 3 1/2 weeks. Being a month since that happened

Doctor said I'd get my periods as I normally do, I'm not on

Any contraception as my body doesn't agree with it anyway

I have had sex since but I don't think id be pregnant but i was due 

About 5days ago, today being the 8th sept. Just a bit paranoid

Could there be something wrong, is it normal or should i take a test..

Hi Joanna, i've seen a few people mention that their periods have been a bit haphazard since treatment, i'm on the pill so mine have generally come when their supposed to but theyve been a lot lighter than they were before. If you're worried, no harm in taking a test to put your mind at ease or ringing your gp, but it generally seems to be normal for periods to be a bit funny after treatment. xxx