Misreported smear test

I’ve just been told that my 2018 smear was incorrectly reported as normal, when reviewed again it was actually Severe Dyskariosis/ Cin 3. I was told I could have been treated with LEEP and I would not have advanced to cervical cancer stage 2b. I am devastated. Has this happened to anyone else? Xx

Hi Sarah1471

My cc wasn’t because of a misreported smear but I hadn’t had a smear test for 12 years when I was diagnosed. I think I can empathise with how devastated you might be feeling and how things could have turned out so differently.

Hopefully you will get some replies from others with a similar experience to you, but I felt I couldn’t just read and run.

In the meantime if you search on the forum using e.g. ‘misread smear’ and ‘smear mistake’ you should find some relevant posts.


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Thank you Jazza :kissing_heart: xx

Hi Sarah,

I’m so sorry you got such disturbing news, that’s truly difficult. I just wanted to stop by and say that the same thing happened to a friend of mine over 20 years ago & she ended up with a cone biopsy and was thankfully cured and still in excellent excellent health. I have had a somewhat similar experience (being told after multiple tests & biopsies that I’m just fine and “at least you know it isn’t cancer!”) and it’s a ridiculous roller coaster to believe you are well and find out you aren’t. Especially for you, knowing you took all the steps you could and it was an error that lost time for you. How frustrating. My thoughts are with you, I think the only thing to focus on now is being strong and ready to fight (and take time to enjoy whatever little moments of the day you can to remain positive). You’ve got this, so many ladies on here are proof that this is treatable! I am also currently staging at 2b, Pet scan on Tuesday.

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Hi Lovewinz,

Thank you for your kind words. I was treated with chemoradiation and brachytherapy between last October and feb of this year and thankfully in remission. I’m wishing you all the luck in the world. Please keep me updated with how you’re getting on. Lots of love to you xx

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That is beautiful news! :sparkles::pray::heart:

I will keep you updated, thank you.

Just learnt that my CC could have been avoided through two miss-reported smear tests. I’m fuming.
I’ve had to have a termination before radical hysterectomy and then radio/brachy. Knowing this could all have been avoided now, I’ve been robbed in so many ways.
Does anyone have any tips on seeking legal advice?x

Hey, i was misreported 4 times and currently waiting for a letter of response from the trust involved, would say its really hard work and really emotional, but i would absolutely look at legal recourse, hopefully this will lead to improved testing, if u want a chat about it then pm.me, my original account was Mrsp0206 if u want to look that up.
Dawn x