Misled about wait times for biopsy and treatment- panicking

I had a colposcopy on Feb 3rd and the doctor I saw told me my smear was high grade, the colposcopy investigation confirmed this and she took a biopsy. She said she would mark it as urgent and that I should contact the clinic if I hadn’t heard anything in 2-3 weeks. She also said I would have LLETZ under GA in 3-4 weeks time.

It has been 3 weeks exactly so I have been chasing the clinic. Today someone called me back and explained that biopsy results will take 4-6 weeks, that they won’t schedule any treatment before they get the results. They said the doctor I saw was from another hospital and they shouldn’t have given me those timescales. I am so upset by this, I have been hanging on the information given to me and now it’s like a punch in the stomach.

I don’t know what to do. Having seen a doctor who tells you its urgent, then being told you actually you have to keep waiting, is not good. I have been getting pelvic pain and I am just worrying non stop. Knowing I may have another 3 weeks of this, then even more before getting the treatment fills me with dread. If I had known this, I would have considered having the LLETZ treatment on the day.

How long have other people waited for biospy results with suspected CIN3/high grade changes? I know it will differ between regions- I am in South Wales.

Thanks xx

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I live in South Wales and my biopsy results took 5 weeks. I am confused also as my results came back as CIN 1, but the doctor said I would benefit from having lletz. When I spoke to him he said that because of my age and that I have had children. I am also having to go under GA. Please don’t worry they will sort you as soon as they can.

Hi @WorriedWorm, sorry to hear you’ve been given conflicting information. It has happened to me a number of times also, so I can relate to your frustrations :pensive: .
Nothing happens fast throughout this whole process and the waiting game really is a nightmare isn’t it :pensive:, but there are a lot of ladies here that understand and are with you in your wait :two_women_holding_hands:
Hope it isn’t too much longer for you x

Hi Jem80 sorry I have been away from the forum for a bit but thank you for your message. That’s good to hear you are in the same area as me. Have you been able to find out any more information/ had your LLETZ yet?

Thanks @LCM7, sorry to hear you’ve had issues as well. It’s been a very confusing time, different staff members seem to advise different things/say things are not possible then another person will then contradict them! It just doesn’t seem to join up. But I know the NHS is under so much pressure and we are so lucky to have this service and be treated.

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Good morning,
No nothing as of yet? Where in S.Wales are you? Maybe we are under the same trust? Have you had your results?

Hi @Jem80 I’ll send you a private message :slight_smile: