Misconception on Daybreak


Watched the piece on Daybreak this morning about how more women are missing their smear tests and it featured someone who was late with her test and was diagnosed with CC.  Luckily it wasn't advanced and she didnt have to have a full hysterectomy.

I'm in full support of anything on tv or in the press to promote the importance of going for smear tests on time but can it be recognised that many of us do go on time and never miss a test but still get diagnosed with CC - as in my case!

Unfortunately people think (I've already had 1 comment!) that because I was diagnosed with CC and had a Radical Hysterectomy then I must have ignored my request to go for my test - not true!!

I'm just thankful that I never missed a test otherwise it could have developed a lot further than what it was.

It would just be good for it to be acknowledged that not all of us with CC have missed/ignored their tests.


Hear Hear Cheryl

I have had to explain this many times :(( 

Kath x

True cheryl, i was 6 months off my next smear test. Also not much is mentioned on the adenocarcinoma which  had which i not always picked up on smears a it grows further up the cervical canal, i receved my audit last week an all my previous test were fine so i feel lucky that i had a hemorrage or it woulnt hve been dicovered until it was too late.  Lea xx

Hiya, totally agree! I went for my first test it came back borderline went for my repeat one three years later in feb and it showed CIN3 

i think they are trying to use "scare" tactics to try and push women to go for their smear to be honest and they always use worst case scenario too so it's more dramatic, im

all for pushing women to never miss their smear I think at 25 women are still young and don't think anything could happen to them which could never be further from the truth I'm forever telling my friends to go for their smears and not miss an appointment five minutes if feeling uncomfortable could save your life! 


I must admit before I stumbled across this wonderful site I have never heard the terms CIN or HPV and not to mention adenocarcinoma would that

show on a smear? Or colposcopy? Xxx


I too went for all of my smears,they all came back clear!!

Becky x

I'm the same up-to-date with all smears, I'm lucky it was spotted having my son or I'd have been a lot further on. Think anyone going to the docs with abnormal bleeding should be checked regardless of previous smear results.x

Wow ! What can I say good on you for getting regular screening tests sadly I was not one of them women that had regular smear test - my own stupidity and ignorance ! Which I have to live with .if this program reaches women and save lives then so be it , sadly people do not realise the consequence 's of not having these tests . If this program make women have these tests effectively saving lives even with scare tactics then I'm all for it - personally I think if I had better information and educated from school age I might of thought twice - now we have a vaccinations for 12-13 year olds for hpv virus - I didn't even know what this was until I became diagnosed and came on this site .

I agree with the better education at school age, hopefully that is now tied in with the HPV vaccine.

I don't remember the importance of smears ever being talked about at school, & I think it is quite a recent thing that the media talk about it which is good. I certaintly was never told about the HPV virus as a teenager. Hopefully the vaccine plus the awareness of the importance of smears will help the next generation of women xx