?miscarrying, 7 weeks pregnancy - HPV+ and borderline cervical changes


Hoping somebody may have been in the same situation as me as I am past myself worrying.
I’ll start from the beginning!

My husband and I have a 6 year old boy and I have recently found out I am pregnant. However at 6+5 I started spotting and at 6+6 (29/6/2021) at a private ultrasound scan no fetal heartbeat was detected so we were referred to the early pregnancy unit. I was seen there on 1/7/21 and was found to have an inconclusive scan and have a repeat scan on 11/7/2021 to either confirm a miscarriage or confirm a continuing pregnancy, which I doubt is the case. My spotting has continued and I have had mild abdominal cramps.
I had my smear test 6/5/2021 and today received my result which is - positive for HPV as well as some borderline cervical changes. With my results letter I also received my appointment for a colposcopy for 6/7/2021, which is next week.
I called the colposcopy clinic and explained my situation and they are happy to see me still as colposcopys are safe in pregnancy.
However I am beside myself to the point of nausea with worry as I feel that the colposcopy appointment being so soon must mean that they have rushed to see me and this therefore must be bad news.

Has anybody been in a similar position please? Any words of wisdom or shared experience would be so appreciated.
thank you! xxx

I’m not in the same situation but i just wanted to say that its normal to have a colposcopy appointment so soon, the average time is within 2 weeks of getting the smear results, I am sorry to hear that your going through all this i really hope everything will be okay.

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Today I have had my colposcopy.
The colposcopist said she could see moderate changes on my cervix and that she would do a biopsy if I wasn’t pregnant.
As my pregnancy is ?viable, she wants me to call her on Monday once I’ve had a repeat USS and been reassessed by the early pregnancy unit.
If my pregnancy is not viable then she wants me to have a biopsy once the miscarriage management is complete.
If the pregnancy is viable then she would arrange another colposcopy at 28 weeks and the biopsy for 3 months after the birth.
I am absolutely terrified at the prospect of a high risk biopsy result postnatally and treatment being delayed by potentially a year.
Has anybody had any experience of a biopsy in pregnancy?

i also have moderate changes, im waiting for my biopsy results but they said it will more likely be watch and wait, im thinking of trying for a baby while watching and waiting and if i need treatment later on i will have it after having baby, its a different situation but similar in a way … i really hope you will get the answers you need! i can imagine how stressful it is, moderate changes can go back to normal by them selves depending how much of the area is affected and sometimes having a baby helps with it going back to normal, you should be okay if you are pregnant to wait until after baby is born to get treatment if if hasn’t gone back to normal by then … i hope everything will be okay

Hi Bunnymom.
How are you, have you had your biopsy results yet?
My pregnancy was confirmed to not be viable and I had medical management for my miscarriage last Monday, 12th July.
I had my repeat colposcopy today and the colposcopist nurse took 2 x biopsies. She said my cervix looks ‘about the same, nothing sinister’ and that I should get my results via post in 2-3 weeks.
Have you had any more thoughts about trying for a baby?
After our loss we are unsure what to do, we want to try for a baby but an anxious to try in advance of the biopsy results in case LLETZ/anything else is needed but would have to be delayed if I was pregnant.
Hoping you’re well! xx

I’m okay thanks and i haven’t received my results yet though.
I’m sorry to hear you had a miscarriage that’s awful, i can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now. I hope your results will come back okay.
I think it depends on what the results say if it says what has been said already i think im going to start trying for baby and watch and wait and get smears because abnormal cells can go back to normal on their own if your late 20s early 30s because cells change alot at this age and if it doesnt go back normal i will get treatment after having a baby. im worried to get treatment and possibly cause myself to not be able to have kids when theres a possibility for the cells to go back to normal.

results are being delayed due to covid so i was told it would be 6 weeks its been 5 weeks now so hopefully it will come soon.

I hope things work out for you and look after yourself :slight_smile:

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