Miscarriage, Chronic Illnesses & Colposcopy / Biopsy

Hi All


I'm 28 and have various exisiting health conditions / diseases. I had a miscarriage at the end of April and after receiving an abnormal smear test result had a colposcopy, cells removed and biopsy performed today.


i was wondering if anywhere knew or had a similar experience of cells developing after miscarriage or could this have caused the miscarriage? It's really playing on my mind! I was travelling oversees when I became pregnant / miscarried and had the smear test done when I came back - my first one, because of my exisiting Health conditions - I always thought that if there was anything wrong, they would have noticed! Bit silly really as I knew they weren't doing smears and they never asked so I didn't have one, now I can't stop thinking what if I had had the smear test before, could I have prevented the miscarriage .


i know hind sight is a beautiful thing! Big love to everyone on this forum and thank you in advance for reading