mirena coil advice

Hi haven't been on here for a while but was hoping for some advice . I had treatment 2 years ago for cin 3 I have been having my regular smears since which have all come back normal . I have had other issues wich has had my chopping and changing the contraception I use until finally my doctor said to try the mirena coil which I never really wanted anyway . Anyhow I had it fitted yesterday when I asked the nurse should it be this painful she replied yes because I have hardly any cervix left! I came home and read through the leaflet and it says do not use the mirena I you have or have had abnormal smears I cant find any information anywhere why this is the case all I have found is forums with people saying the abnormal cells are likely to come back if you have the mirena fitted . This has frightened me if I had been informed that this could be a risk I would never have had it done ! Please has anyone got any advice for me I feel I will be fobbed off by my doctor and I would really appreciate some help 

Thank you for reading xxx

Hi Trace,

My assumption is that they say not to use it because if you have to have any kind of LLETZ/biopsy treatment you'll have to have the coil removed prior to this.  At least this was the case for me.  I don't have a mirena coil, I have an IUD instead (the one with no hormones), but had to have this removed when I had LLETZ treatment under local anaesthetic about 6 months ago.  I've since had another IUD fitted and am hoping that at my follow up smear (next week) I don't have to have anything done and therefore my coil can stay put!

There may be a very different reason to my suggestion, but surely your Doctor would have told you if Mirena wasn't suitable for you.  They would have known about your smear history surely?

Hope that maybe helps slightly! xx

If it helps any my consultant actually recommended the marina coil to me and I have had a lletz and a cone biopsy, I dont have enough cervix left to withstand another treatment so I would have thought if that was a reason for not having one the consultant wouldnt be advising it. I havent got round to getting one fitted yet so cant comment that side of things.