Mirena and Lletz


I just wanted to share my experience and ask a quetion or 2. My partner has been fantastic but my emotions are all over the place and it is starting to have an impact  on him.

3 weeks ago I had my mirena removed as it was at the 5 year point (I have had 3 consecutive ones), at the same time I had my smear done. Removal of the coil went OK apart from taking 3 attempts to find my cervix. I started to bleed the following day and bled for 2 weeks including losing some massive clots that resulted in a trip to A&E where I was prescribed medication to stop the bleeding, this made me ill and I was told to stop taking it the following day. I then ended up back at an A&E 2 days later as I wasn't with it and was admitted so they could do an internal that was normal. This happened on the day that I got my letter saying I had Severe dyskarosis and would be called for colposcopy soon. I rang the hospital as I am about to move house and didn't want to miss the letter but they couldn't tell me when my appointment was, then it was bank holiday and I spent the weekend 'stewing' to say my emotions were all over the place would be an understatement. I eventually got through to new appointments on the Wedsnesday and was booked in for my colposcopy on Monday, by this time I was extremely stressed as I had been told by a doctor in A&E that I would be seen by the consultant within 2 weeks (the literature I had been sent said nurse colpostist Surprised). Apparently they don't send colposcopy letters before a bank holiday I personally think this made it worse - I would have preffered to have a date to work towards.

The following day I was seen by my emergency GP as I was still really unwell, it was then discovered that my g.p. that I had a water infection and it probably wasn't the bleeding that made me feel ill.

5 days later I had lletz performed at my colposcopy and although the procedure wasn't painful the local anesthetic was really painful. I went home and didn't do anything for the rest of the day, that evening I started to get pain in my kidney and realised the water infection has spread there again. I was also told to stop taking norethisone which had been prescribed to stop the bleeding post coil removal. Yesterday 24 hours post lletz I started to get really bad cramps but I am not sure if this is a result of the lletz, the kidney infection or the fact that I am about to have my first period in 17 years Undecided (they were really bad then, hysterectomy was discussed but it was decided that I was too young and to try the then new mirena). Are cramps like this normal?

Also because of the kidney infection I am on antibiotics that will give me really severe thrush that usually ends up infected, I spoke to the consultant about the effect of thrush on having on had lletz 24 hours ago and he said that I needed the kidney infection sorting so would have to take them. Has anyone had any experience of thrush at about 36 hours post lletz?

Can anyone also tell me how bad the bleeding can be as at present I have not had any and I am teacher who is due back at work on Monday and I need to be prepared, as I cannot leave my classroom for 2 hours at a time.

Sorry for the ramble but lots of things have happened to me all at once and it is difficult to sort out what is what.