Minor Changes



So I posted yesterday worried about not recieving my results after 23 days and they have appeared today!! I mentioned in my last post how I have bled after sex, had some pain, and have been bleeding since I recieved my routine smear test 24 days ago. The blood is bright red and I mostly notice it when I go to the toilet and is not filling a pad. My smear results state I have minor changes and to go back for another smear in 6 months, if I have any symptoms then to make an earlier app. Does my bleeding for 24 days post smear count as a symptom? I am unsure wether to wait the 6 months or make it sooner. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks x

Hi. I would definitely say that is a symptom as it is not something your body usually does. Id contact your GP and explain your situation and they will either give you a callback to arrange your option or call you in To check This may result in your smear being done sooner and will give you piece of mind. Having minor changes and being given a 6 month follow up is a better sign that there isn't much going on otherwise they would call you for a colposcopy. I am going through the same things currently but a bit more advanced than you are. There is no harm in letting them know what you're experiencing.