minor changes

Hello everyone i am very new to this! I went for my  first ever smear test a few weeks ago. i got my results today and it said i had minor changes in my cells and I have to go back in 6 months to get another smear done, i am a bit worried as it was my first ever smear and the results said that :(! 

Hello and welcome!

try not to worry, the reason you have to go back in 6 months is for them to check that your immune system has kicked the b**ts of those nasty cells! which is what often happens. You can help by doing everything you can to look after yourself and be healthy in that time.


Molly xxx

Thank you for writting back to me!, i just got a bit of a fright as i didnt expect it to say that! Thank you for replying i appreciate it :)! Xxx

You're welcome, someone will always try to help on Jo's!


Normal procedure lady :) hopefully in 6 months those abnormal cells will be normal.