Minor changes post trach


I just received my results today from my last check up at the end of March and they have come back with minor changes. I am so worried that it is worse than stated especially as my 2013 was misreported and I have had continuing pains since my trachelectomy. Has anyone else had this happen? 

I am also very frustrated that my letter was sent to me as if I was a usual smear patient saying that I would be checked up again in 6 months and that the changes might go away themselves. obviously I am in the same body and my body didn’t clear it last time. I called the consultant‘s secretary who said I would be seen in 4 months!! I am so angry as they want to wait around. I want it out of my body now. Anyway the secretary sensing my upset said to call my gp and eventually offered the consultant to call me tomorrow. 


I have just accepted a new job in another city so this is a great spanner in the works inbetween moving and starting a new job. X