Minor changes after 2x lletz treatment

Hi i have had my smear test results which show minor changes this comes after 2x lletz treatment in 2021 for what my consultant said was sever changes then the snear after that showed no cell changes but high risk hpv and now i have received this result which show minor changes my cervix has also closed, my consultant ibhad when i got the lletz treatments said if i continued to have changes he would reccomend a hysterectomy but now its a different consultant she is saying wait another 6 months and get another smear and maybe put me to sleep to have a look, im just so frustrated as its just been constant problems and i have been having alot of problems with periods and pain, painful intercourse etc, i would prefer to have the hysterectomy i have 3 kids and the youngest has cystic fibrosis so i know i dont want any more kids, why cant i make this decision?

Hi @Tashamac

This will be because a hysterectomy is a major operation and generally a very last resort for treating abnormal cells, its usually only offered after a 3rd LLETZ and/or other treatments havnt been succesful, having a hysterectomy wont necassarily stop you from developing abnormal cells it would stop the CIN but you would still be at risk for developing VAIN cells on the vaginal cuff where the cervix used to be which could lead to the rarer vaginal cancer… instead of a cervical screening smear you would then be invited for vault screening smears x