Minor abnormality and repeat colp


i had my colp and two biopsies taken, and I received the a letter saying I have a minor abnormality and to have another colp done in September? 


What is a minor abnormality with no explantion ? And why do I have to another colp.

has any one else had the same experience? 

Hi sarah

First time on here, I would phone up and ask them to explain in more detail , I'm not sure what it means but sure other people on here can help . I've recently had a colposcopy and still waiting for biopsy results as I had abnormal glandular cells on Pap smear test, which I'm totally clueless about. good luck in your next colposcopy

Heya hun,


Nothing to worry about.

Speak to your GP.

It is the HPV virus that causes the abnormailites and nothing more major atm.

All that is reccommended is to keep healthy.


Thank you for your replies. 

I know I tested positive for hpv, but what has confused me is I know my body is supposed to get rid of it, but i was shocked I had it as I haven't had sex in 5years, so I'm not sure if I'm going to ever get rid of it Now.

I don't know why they didn't explain more in my letter, so i probably ask my gp at my next appointment