Mini freak out before results

Hi lovely ladies

Sorry to bother you all with this. I’m having a mini freak out before my results on Monday. It’s been a 2 week wait from diagnosis to meeting for results ( I had MRI’s on Weds). I appreciate that is a quick turnaround and some of you have had to wait much longer than this!

Now the date is fast approaching I do and don’t want to know at the same time ( obviously I do want to know really!) and am getting worked up about the meeting and what they might tell me.

We know so far it’s at least 1b1 (not exactly sure how they know that, but something to do with the dimensions, as the tumour is sitting behind the wall of the cervix and has come through some of the tissue) so we need to determine whether I can have trachelectomy or whether I will need chemo/radio.

I guess I’m really freaking out that it is much worse and my mind is playing tricks on me. I have had no symptoms at all, but now every little thing I feel I’m stressing out that it is something to do with the cancer. I am swinging from being in a very rational mind set to complete panic!!

I know no one can tell me what the results are going to be, but wanted to reach out to you on here to see if you had similar worries and concerns pre-results.

I will have both my mum and boyfriend at the appointment so plenty of ears to take in information.

Also - any particular questions I should be asking about the facts? Type of cancer etc?

Thanks a LOT in advance

I know it's easier said than done but please try to stay calm! I was a complete mess waiting for my MRI results and staging and I only had to wait 4 days and in that space of time I had convinced myself I had a huge tumour and there would be no treatment options....its crazy the amount your mind races when you are stressed and anxious! I too had convinced myself that I had symptoms that just weren't there! By the time I got into my appt I was in such a state that when he confirmed it at stage 1b1 I was so relieved!! It does get easier once you know exactly what you're dealing with and what treatment is to come, honest! Just try to stay distracted, positive thinking and you will be alright I'm sure!! Will be thinking of you chick xx

Hi Rachel

i was diagnosed stage 2B two weeks ago and will start chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the 10th of April. The waiting is so difficult for staging and now for treatment as I just want to get it all started now. When I was first told by the consultant it would either be stage 1b1 or 2B I was so upset. By the time I received my actual 2B grade I was actually relieved because I had built it up to be an even higher grade in my mind. All grades are very treatable and that is what I am trying to focus on now

keep in touch and good luck with your grading

julie x

Ladies thanks so much, such a relief to know i'm not the only one whose mind has been playing tricks on me!

Knowledge is power so know it will be better once I have a plan of action, just need to get this step out of the way now.

Thanks so much for your support and I'll definitely let you know how I get on.

All the best to both of you for the start of treatments and appointments coming up.

Love Rachel


Hi ladies

So back from hospital.

We 'think' I am 1b1 which would mean i am a candidate for a trachelectomy - yay!

There are some caveats and the surgeon didn't want to promise anything, but it is looking like I'll have surgey end April.

Still need to have EUA on Weds this week which will hopefully confirm what they already think.

There is some residue to be taken, lymph nodes have come up negative ( apparently this is 70% accurate from MRI) but they are in the lymph ' vessel' so they would need to make sure lymph are ok. They said even if I have surgery and they see something suspicious they may abandon and I'd need to have chemo/radio.

To be honest at the moment I am happy with this, relieved it is not much worse and I'll take it !

Thanks again for your support.



I bet you're so relieved to finally have your staging and an idea of a treatment plan! I too was offered a trachelectomy as well as a radical hysterectomy but as we already have a child, and have miscarried twice recently, we decided to go for a radical hysterectomy but thats great if you can have a trachelectomy! It does get easier when you k ow what you're facing, im still devastated and have bad days but my mind is starting to get over the shock and move into organisational mode in readiness for my op which will also be end of april (26th), good luck with the rest of your tests etc, keep us posted!! X

Thanks MrsM and the same to you!

It seems we've had a very similar experience of CC so far.

My surgery date is 28th April so we'll be having at the same time - shame we are not in the same hospital ( you don't live in London by any chance do you?!)

Glad you have your surgery option sorted and in the diary. Planning mode is great and I've seen some really useful posts on here on advice about what to take to hospital, recovery and so on.

What advice have they given you about recovery time etc?

They've said about 6 weeks off work to me, but then again they also mentioned i'd only be in hospital for 1-2 days so who knows, it might be quicker than that.

We are definitely on an emotional roller coaster! Yesterday I was on a high as I was so relieved, but I am so changeable emotionally at the moment!

Sending positive vibes to you xxx