Mind in overdrive

I went for my smear last Tuesday and was referred to colposcopy there due to what she saw - possible ectropion and nabothian cysts (she said couldn’t be 100%)
I saw my referral in patient access on Monday which also seemed to contain my smear results which said negative for high risk hpv, no cytology done. I’ve not had a letter yet though.
Referral came via email yesterday and I had to chose my clinic, which I did. After I realised it was for general gynaecology not Colposcopy and I’m 100% sure they don’t have colposcopy at the clinic I chose. I rang referrals and she said I’d have to for an initial consultation and decide course of action - everyone I know referred for Colposcopy goes straight there, so I said I thought that was strange. I rang the drs and spoke to the secretary who said the referral goes through a triage and that the dr is currently reviewing a letter she’s received but she obviously wouldn’t tell me the content. She just said let’s let the dr review the letter. Now I’m panicking, why have I been sent to general gynaecology and what is the letter? I’m driving myself nuts here thinking they’ve found something awful. Anyone have a similar experience or able to offer advice/thoughts. All in all it’s been a horrible week with the whole thing hanging over me :frowning: