Mildly abnormal smear test

Hi everyone,


I've never posted on a forum before and feel a bit silly for panicking but I can't help myself!


I'm 25 years old and had my first smear test a couple of weeks ago. I went back to the doctor today to talk about getting my contraceptive implant replaced and while I was there she told me that the results of my smear test were "mildly abnormal" and I would have to be referred to see the gynacologist (hope I spelt that right!!). She said that someone would be in touch to book me an appointment. I know this is silly but I'm really freaking out!

I had basically diagnosed myself with cervical cancer before reading posts on this forum so THANK YOU everyone for all the reassuring posts and comments on here that I have just spent ages reading. The biggest thing I'm now concerned about is can this affect fertlity?? I'm really worried that I'll go for my appointment and they'll tell me that the abnormal cells mean I can't ever have children. Am I being silly? I'm driving myself mad worrying about it!


I'm now just waiting to be given an appointment with the gynacologist.


Any input/advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance :)


Ems xx



Hi ems, having abnormal cells does not affect your fertility, nor does a lletz. I have fertility problems for a whole host of other reasons. The screening has done its job and picked up some mildly abnormal cells THIS IS A GOOD THING! 


All the best





Hi, Ems.

So many of us felt exactly like you.  Feel reassured that, as Jessica said, this is exactly why smear tests were invented.  With mild changes, you might not even have treatment, but you can feel reassured that you will be looked after and monitored. Often, mild changes get better on their own.

Good luck for your colposcopy.  It doesn't hurt and the people I saw were lovely.


I am also new to this forum and the same thoughts have been going through my mind. I am currently waiting on a referral for a colposcopy. I am one of those people who wants to read up all about what will be happening to me and although this has set my mind at rest about the procedure itself, I am also winding myself up about what these cell changes could mean.


I hope that everyone who is going through what I am about to is doing well and I think everyone's story is an inspiration. I am trying to be a bit more positive now and take this as an opportunity to think about my life and what truly matters.

Good luck to everyone - stay strong x

Hi - I just literally got my results with low grade dyskaryosis HPV + and waiting to go for a colposcopy. I had no idea what any of this meant, I panicked and just started researching and cam across this forum. Thelostgirl - I am just lie you - research everything but it really sometimes gets me so stressed esp when I read so many things that all say something different so this time I am a bit hesitant :-(





Tell me about it...I finally know what I'm dealing with after what seems like a long wait over Christmas and New Year. The waiting is definitely the worst part. I hope you are doing well and the colposcopy wasn't so bad and it has given you some reassurance.