Mild Dyskaryosis


I've had a CIN1 now for a couple of years. My Doctor is happy for yearly smears and high doses of vitamin B6.  With the new HPV test I've come back as having HPV18.  I have a smear test done privatley (well respected doctor) as the results come back in a few days. I always take a copy to my local surgery. 


The local  surgery doctor wants me to have a colposcopy and cone biopsy, but my private doctor says it's not necessary yet.  

i fearful of surgery, so am going with the private Doc but feel I'm being silly.  Am I? gulp.... 

Hiya hope your ok

its seems abit radical if you have CIN1, but I am no doctor. I would've thought treatment with LLETz would be 1st. Have you asked the experts on here? X

Hi Sar,

I agree with Megan, try the 'ask the expert' section on here. Although as Megan said, a Cone for CIN1 (and not CGIN or anything) does seem a bit drastic... maybe ask your regular doctor why he's recommending this, and likewise (or maybe not if it costs! I'm not quite sure how private works) ask your private doctor why he isn't recommending it yet? Either way you could always go for an NHS colposcopy and as the colposcopist their opinion too? 

Sorry I can't help more - let us know how you get on x x x x

Thank you for your advice.  It's silly to get in a state, but I suppose I just hate the thought of an op/hospital stay.  I'll let you know what happens!

You've every right to be upset and worried. Other considerations you have too think about is your age and parenting etc. Make sure your fully aware of your options n diagnosis so you can make an informed choice.

good luck and let us know how it goes x