Mild Dyskaryosis feel scared

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this site and feel like a wimp because everyone has far more difficult issues but I guess I just need some reassurance. I suffer from severe health anxiety and am on meds for it. Anyway... to cut a long story short - I tried to stop my meds last year and live without them. I felt depressed, cried all the time and generally fell apart. Anyway ... I went for my smear (after four years - not three) and it came back with mild Dyskaryosis - the day afterwards I started my period two weeks early and it lasted for six days, not five. I wonder if that is just caused by stress or a symptom of cervical cancer. They have only asked me to come back in six months for a repeat smear. Does anyone think I need to worry? I also smoke and am trying desperately to stop. 


Thank you. 


hi linds, mild dyskariosis is nothing more than an infection, on average the body is able to heal itself from this virus, and that is why there will be a gap between your smear, be rest assured that should there be anything more sinister u will be dealt with promptly now ure in the system. im more worried about your other illnesses at this moment, u need to concentrate on healing yourself, healthy body healthy mind, and stop those dam fags lol, i do think that your making yourself worse with the unnecessary worry, take care xxx

Thanks so much for your reply Luceee. I am still betwixt and between feeling normal. It's been a very hard few months and I am trying to pull myself out of this anxiety so that I can concentrate on making positive changes to my lifestyle and my life. I have cut down on drinking way too much and the next thing is the ciggies ... I really appreciate your reply as it has made me feel so much better and not judged.