Mild dyskaryosis- cancer....?...

Hi i just wanted to ask if anyone has had mild dyscarosis on a smear test but in fact it was cin1,2 or 3 or cancer?

im asking as I'm really worried about my result I have a 3 abnormal result in a row all of witch are cin1 I now know these are mild changes but I worry so much as I have the this before many years ago and had to have treatment for cin2, I am a mother of 2 I'm 32 years old and am very worried as I feel it's back and it's going to get worse, the doctors told me I had to wait as they were mild changes and they would most likely go on there on and just to give it time, that's what I did.

i have just received my new results that say again abnormal, I went to see my gp today who told me its unlikely it going to go no and I'm going back to colposcopy.

I'm just so worried I have read a lot on the net that say people were told they had cin1 which in fact was a worse after biopsy that's what I'm so worried about. Everything is just waiting waiting waiting, it's so hard to think or do anything else as its on my mind.

my sister had cin3 to which makes me feel like its only going to get worse.

sorry for writing such a long blog but I just wanted to talk to people that understand what I'm going through as I have no one else to talk to.

thank you. Xxx 

Hi ms m,

I hope you are ok, I am new to here to and I totally understand your worries and fears.

My little experience of this stuff is what I’d like to tell you about. Go with what you feel, I did an I’m so glad I did. I persisted for more checks, if I hadn’t I would be sitting here now with cin2 making a home in my body and wouldn’t be checked for another 3 years! ( I know that thought really scares me) I awaiting loop results at the mo and am very worried. Should get them in 4-6 weeks they said. But I’m ringing after 2 wkd just incase secretary has them sitting there with a stamp on. ( not had good experience with royal mail either)
I am on here quite alot at the mo, ( comfort In reading with people that empathize your worries) you can always say hi, and you feel like airing off go straight ahead, xxxtake care x

Hi thank you for writing back to me.

im so sorry to here your going through the same sort of thing.


i hope your feeling a  bit better after you loop my thoughts are with you and hope you feel better soon.

the waiting is too hard I totally understand that and I would do the same to and call in 2 weeks hopefully they will have an answer for you then.

my thoughts are with you hope you keep me posted.

did you have any bleeding before you had loop as I have woke up today with some blood, I know I'm not on my period as I'm on day 16 I'm so scared?

thanks again for your time.


Anytime hun, we all here for each other x

Hi, I’m so sorry my silly phone only had half te message!

I had spotting bleeding before the loop, but along with my symptoms thinks that kind of what to expect. When are you going for your appointment?

Anything I can help with I will, xx

Hi can I just ask did your results show high risk hpv as mine is boarder line but shows high risk hpv I'm so scared as I'm 32 years of age