Mild dyskaryosis and HR HPV


Just off phone to my doc who confirmed my smear results as low grade dyskaryosis and high risk hpv. I have been advised to wait 6 months for a second smear. I have been bleeding for 4 weeks since smear took place so doc wants to see me tomorrow to have a look and see where im bleeding from but advised I will probably still be waiting 6 months for follow up smear... I live in Scotland and understand it works different down south but don't think this sounds right? Especially given my symptoms of pain during and bleeding after sex and bleeding 4 weeks after smear. He said if my 2nd smear shows the same or worse results then I would be sent for a colposcopy. Any advice appreciated! x

Hi Sam,

I'm surprised that they're making you wait another 6 months for a smear. The NHS in England refers you straight for a colposcopy if your results come back with any change in cells and hr hpv (they only test for the hpv if you have cell changes). I would ask them to refer you especially as you're bleeding. 

I know! She rushed the phonecall a bit so will make sure to ask tomorrow when I go in as it doesn't seem right to me. I always get nervous going to the docs and want in and out so my partner is coming with me to make sure I ask the right questions. Fingers crossed get some answers!!

Hi Sam,

Sorry to hear this. Another idea is to ask for a gynae referal, this would be reasonable considerable the bleeding. Then if the gynae feels further tests are necessary they can request them (inc colposcopy). 

Screening comes with certain guidelines for doctors (the reason for the 6 month wait is that things can go back to normal with the low grade changes), and if a lady is having symptoms then a gynae referral is important to get things properly looked at. A smear only looks at the health of the cevix, and if there are symptoms it's always better to get things checked (although of course it doesn't mean that there will be anything serious found). 

All the best to you.