Mild Dysk Cells again after 18 months :-(

Hello All,

Hope everyone is Ok.

I'm really worried and stressed due to my situation at the moment. Basically, this is what's happened so far..


Mild Dysk - Dec 2011 ................ LLETZ - Jan 2012................. Clear Margins Feb 2012................ Normal Cells - July 2012....................

Jan 2013 - Borderline ................ Aug 2013 - Mild Dysk (again) ........... Colposcopy Oct 2013   :-(


My concern is that I've already had LLETZ the once and I'm dreading what the implications will be if I have to have it for a second time. I'm in my mid 30's and have no children. 

Also I'm extremly stressed out worrying about my partner. I have met him after all the last situation was resolved, so now concerned that I will pass anything on to him due to the HPV? 

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi there

Sorry to hear you have to possibly go through this again......big hugs

Obviously I am no doctor......but from what I have read and believe the particular strains of HPV that cause abnormal cells only effect us women.....although I guess you could pass it back and forth I dont think it will effect your partners health? Having said that I can understand your anxiety.

I think its such bad luck to have to go through this again....but the fact that they are borderline/mild is a really good sign. I have friends who have been through the procedure and have gone on to have healthy pregnancies that went to full term and I believe it, the LLETZ procedure doesn't effect your fertilty, but there is a slight risk of premature birth due to a possible weakening of the cervix. I think as long as in any future pregnancy you let the medical team/midwifes know they may put you as high risk and really keep an eye on you (which believe me is a good thing!)

Having said all may not have to have the procedure at all if its try not to worry until they have said that it is necessary. (easier said than done I know...)

good luck and let us know how you get on



I also echo what JacWac has said.

I can't offer much advice I'm sorry but just thought I should let you know that my friend had had the Lletz procedure done twice and has gone on to have 2 completely normal pregnancies.

Iv only seen there is a stitch thing they can use if they do think your cervix may not hold.

Sorry there's not much info but hopefully that can give you abit of reassurance regarding future pregnancies.



I've had a double LLETZ (two sections removed) and a cone (which removes a much larger section than a LLETZ) but have been told that it has no implications on my fertility. The only issue I may have is that my cervix will be weaker than the average woman and so I am more at risk of miscarriage or premature labour. I was also told that my cervix would be monitored closely throughout any pregnancies so that a stitch can be put in if need be. I hope that helps to reassure you that two LLETZ treatments shouldn't have too much impact on your ability to have children x

Thank you so much ladies, you have honestly made me feel so much better. Really appreciate your replies. I will stop looking on the net for answers which has made me freak out in the first place.


Such a scary place, hope it goes away. Not just for me but for anyone who's going through this.


Thank you sooo much again xxx

Sorry I didnt see your post the first time round!

I am in the same place so I totally know how you feel. My first follow up from LLETZ was mild and my second is borderline so I am back to have a colp too.

Like you I havent had children yet, so a bit worried about the implications of all of this!

If you want to PM me feel free

Cat xxxx 

Can anyone help ?
I am currently awaiting more fertility treatments possibly IVF as everything else failed so far. Ive had ongoing issues with abnormal cells since 2020 had treatment but still abnormal results. Next up is lletz possibly cone biopsie and i am concerned as my doctor has informed me that i may not be able to go ahead with IVF if cells are not treated and on the other hand the treatment can cause complications if i do have success through IVF can anyone help me with any information about similar situations.