Mild dys and HPV Pos

Hi I am under a hospital and have been since 2013, mu results have shown mild dys and HPV Pos the whole time am I within my right to argue that maybe lazer or something should be done instead of just ‘keeping an eye on it’?

I am now just worrying with how long this has been going on that they are just waiting for it to get worse and all I keep thinking is of my son and how would I explain what is going on it if was to get worse and need further operations/treatments that he would notice. He is 8 but had ASD and ADHD and struggles to understand after biopsies as it is as to why Mummy is hurting or why Mummy can no pick him up.

Thank you in advance for any advice, my next appointment is 19th April

Don't worry your self too much. I've had mild dys for 3 smears now and hpv pos. I can't shift it but it isnt changing! Haha! Usually for mild changes and hpv they monitor again in a few months and see if your body fixes itself as usually it does! 

Trust me I know it's hard not to think the worst but without sounding cheesy what will be will be and you face it head on when it comes at you!