Mild Changes in Follow Up

Hi i just wondered if anyone is in the same boat as me.

Last November 2014 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1, I had two lletz procedures and was cleared in january 2015. I was then told I would have a follow up smears 6 months later and then every year for 10 years after that.

Well my july 2015 smear/colposcopy examination got pushed back and back a few times until october 2015. I’ve now just got the results back and been told there are mild changes to the cells. However, my doctor has written in the letter that the rest of the examination was as expected and so doesn’t want to see me again until this time next year.

This is worrying me a lot as I’ve been really anxious for my 6 month follow up to make sure everything’s fine, and now i’ve had this result back it feels like I’m going to be in the same boat for the next year and I don’t think I can cope with another year of uncertainty, especially as they have found evidence of changes.

I've got my 6 month checkup in Feb and can't stop thinking about it... I'm more anxious now than I was when I had cancer. I would feel exactly the same as you if my results came back even slightly abnormal, it is terrifying and impossible to think of anything else. We do have to remember that the experts know what they're doing though... Could you make an appointment with the doctor to voice your concerns and get some reassurance? Xxx