Mild Changes - 3 year smear

Hi, just had the call from the hospital with my results and having put the phone down feel a bit unsure what it means - hopeing someone can help?

Backgroud: last smear resulted in moderate top high changes where led to a colposocopy/treatment 6 months ago - this indicated I had CIN2.  

Have just had the results of the follow up smear which are 'Mild Changes but no HPV present' and they have discharged me back to 3 yearly smears.

I think I'm a bit panicky that 3 years is a long time - I thought I would go back after say a year?

Anyone similar experience?



Friend of mine was telling me that family planning clinics will do them every year if you ask. Marie stopes do them private but it's £75. It's something I've been looking into incase they put me back to 3 yearlys because after having an abnormal one, personally 3 yrs is too long


I totally understand where you're coming from - 3 years is a long time to wait. They use HPV testing now and it's called 'Test of cure'. In theory, the studies have shown that if there is no HPV present then it's unlikely you'll experience further changes. Prior to HPV testing ladies were followed up for 10 years, which I think is more sensiible personally.I'm not sure the NHS screening service will do a test sooner if you're on 3 year recall, but there are always private clinics. Although it's a pain havin to pay, if it gives peace of mind and keeps an eye on your health, I think it's worth it.