Mild cell changes +hpv 4 years after lletz

Hi everyone, 

I really hope someone can give me some advice or reassurance I suppose! I went for my routine smear in march and my doctor called this week to say I had mild cell changes and was positive for hpv- not strains 16 or 18! I'm so worried as I thought that after the lletz 4 years ago everything would go back to normal!! Can anybody tell me if they have had similar experiences? The last time I had mild/ moderate cell changes! i had the smear done on the morning that I was also diagnosed with a chest infection which had spread to my lungs and I was dieting so my immune system was weak! Can this have an affect on the positive hpv? I wonder that because iv had it treated before that it is worse this time and panic if I might need a lletz again as it might hinder my chance to have a baby!! I'm 31 with no children but in a long term relationship!! I also wonder if even though my smear said mild cell changes that they might find more at the colposcopy appoinment! My doctor assured me that they were sending me back for colposcopy because I had previously had problems and that I was testing hpv positive!! Has anyone been in the same position?? 

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cin 1/2 lletz 2010

normal smears ever since 

march 2014 hpv positive with mild changes 

Hi Joanne ,

so how did it go ? Hope everything is ok :)

Sandra x