Mild/borderline changes with HR HPV?

Hi ladies 
I'm 25 and had my first routine smear on 9th Jan. my result came through on Friday as borderline/ mild cell changes with evidence of high risk HPV. I received an appointment notification yesterday for a colposcopy on the 7th Feb. Although I'm planning to phone and see if I can get an earlier cancelation. 
I've never had any medical problems before, nor have I had a baby so this is all new and very scary to me!
What I'm finding most confusing is the HPV thing. I understand that my abnormal cells can be removed but there is no cure for the HPV? So does the HPV keep making more cells abnormal and then keep having them removed and so forth?! I don't understand what this means for me for the future? 
I'm very apprehensive about the colposcopy appointment, I've read lots of comments on here and everyone seems to have different experiences, some having LLTEZ there and then, others waiting for treatment and some just having a biopsy and a repeat smear in 6 months? 
Just wondering if anyone has the same situation as me and is feeling equally worried/ confused 
Thanks for reading my rant girls xxx

Hi didn't want to read and run. .cant help on the hpv and im not sure if I've even been tested but my first smear came bk high grade dyskaryosis and I had lletz around 6 weeks ago...did they tell u they was testing for hpv? X

Hi Marie, thanks for replying to me! The nurse who did my initial smear test told me that they would test for HPV. I think they are only doing it in certain areas. She said that borderline cells are just just a repeat smear in 6 months but if you have HPV too it would be a colposcopy... All very confusing. Xxxxx


They test for hpv when ever possible now as far as I can tell.

If its a low grade change they sometimes leave it and keep an eye on it because you can sometimes fight off the hpv virus.

Some of us cant natually fight it off and its then that they will remove it (as far as I can tell from all my reading)

Obviously all cases are different but they may do a biopsy at your colp to see exactly what grade and strain of hpv as the swab only touches the surface. 

Sometimes the person doing the colp decides to do a lletz there ans then and sometimes they leave it to see and sometimes they biopsy to find out more.

The worst part ia the waiting though.

Not sure if I have helped at all there x


I'm also confused about the HPV virus.  In my letter I was told that I have high grade dyskaryosis, but no mention of HPV.  I am quite confused about that now I think about it!  I'm presuming that if they do lletz or whatever, that that also takes care of the HPV if you have it?

Hey girls, 

As far as I'm aware...

If your results are borderline / mild then they do test you for hpv, if this is negative it means your boderline changes are nothing to worry about and they either retest in 6 months, or they send you back to the normal 3 year smears as you are hpv free they know not to take further action. If it is boderline / mild and hpv positive then they have to refer to colposcopy as you have the virus as smears aren't always accurate they want to take a closer look to check for CIN 1-2 or 3. As for ladies saying they are not sure if they have been tested for it as they have had moderate or severe smears that is because due your smear you definitely need a colposcopy and you can ask at ur colp app if you have it. HPV testing the smears just separate the boderline changes people who may need treatment to the ones who won't (as they r HPV free) yet anyone with severe/moderate definitely need a colposcopy and may need treatment. Xx

I am new on here and not sure if I'm posting in the right box,  I had my smear on the 20th of December by the 29th I had two letters one from my GP saying some slightly abnormal cells called borderline changes and also mentions I've been tested for HPV and I've got HPV I've got another letter stating im having a colposcopy on the 30th of Jan, has anyone else had this and tests came back fine ?  thanks Laura xx


I had a smear 3.5 years ago which showed exactly what you describe - borderline changes and positive for high risk hpv. I went for colposcopy and they couldn't find anything abnormal to biopsy so gave me the choice of smear in 12 months or Coke back for further colposcopy in 12 months which is what I did and that was normal too. Had a smear then and that was normal too so gone back to three years. I don't think they tested for hpv again so I don't know if it has gone or not but I have another smear this July so I'll find out If everything still ok. Fingers crossed for you xxx 

This helped me to think positively :)