Migraines since lletz

Wondering if anyone’s suffering with migraines since their lletz? Had 2 really bad episodes where I thought I was having a stroke…I go deaf, my face goes heavy on one side and the room spins so fast… yesterday I was driving when it happened! It’s frightened the life out of me. Gp called it hemiplegic migraine aura. But I have never suffered with migraines. I don’t even get headaches…until I had my first lletz in November and then the 2nd in march. Has anyone else had this problem?? X

This happened to me! Had LLETZ two weeks ago and keep thinking I’m gonna pop a vessel in my head. Never suffered with migraine but it’s been quite severe. I have wondered if it’s something to do with the electrical current that messes with electrical signals in our bodies because I also had a trapped nerve for a few days after.

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It’s crazy isn’t it! You think it’s this simple procedure but it must effect the whole body!

I’ve just had my second loop and feel like this again! I had forgotten about this post so kinda reassuring to remember!