Mid cycle bleeding

Back in 2008 I had an abnormal smear graded cin3. I had a llletz and it was at successful. I have had normal smears since. My last one was May 2014 and I’m
Back on to 3 yearly checks.

Three days ago I experienced some mid cycle spotting. It then got a bit heavier and I thought it might be my period but 12 days early?! It’s unheard off. I had a baby 9 months ago but it seemed to settle.

I saw out of hours and they have me antibiotics for a urine infection detected from sample but i didn’t have any symptoms.

I’m just so worried the abnormal cells are back.

Did out of hours know your history? If you're worried go back. I had the same but luckily it was right before my scheduled colscposcopy anyway and turned out to be cervical erosion X