Microinvasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma and terrified

Hi all. I got the call the day before my 38th birthday. Cancer. That’s been 4 days ago and my mind is absolutely spinning.

I have always had severe health anxiety and avoided doctors for years. My last pap was about 9 years ago. I knew I should be going and taking care of myself, but anxiety and fear led me to complacency.

I had a pap in November. Came back high grade abnormalities. Colposcopy was last week where they took one punch biopsy. The results read as microinvasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The gyn called and told me this is an early stage and that’s what the microinvasive means.

I’m having an incredibly difficult time processing what’s next. And the last few days have been utter hell just waiting for more info. My consult is Monday.

Anyone have any experience or info on these results. I just don’t know how accurate they can be. Is it possible that there is already spread or metastisizes? They say micro, but without getting the whole tumor how can they assess that? How do I know there aren’t more tumors deeper inside?? See… Total spiral. Thanks all for being here and sharing anything good, bad, or otherwise you think might help.


Hey, hope you’re doing ok. It’s such a worrying time not knowing what exactly you’ve got to deal with.

I was diagnosed with micro invasive cancer back in August. I had two Lletz treatments that removed it all with clear margins. Just been back for my 6 months check up smear, which was clear of any abnormal cells.

It’s an unsettling time, I still get worried about it despite the fact it was caught early and seems to be fine for now. Cancer is a scary word. Wishing you all the best and hope you get a clearer picture come Monday.


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me and share your story. That c Word does carry so much emotion and is just very overwhelming. I’m feeling a little calmer today. I’ve done lot of googling which didn’t make me feel so great but then finding this forum has really helped. Hearing stories of people going through exactly what I am and sharing their feelings that pretty much match what’s in my head right now. It’s been a comfort for sure.

I’m still really scared that the pathology from the biopsy is wrong and they are going to find it is invasive and widespread. But it seems like I’m not alone in having those fears. I’m just trying to have a positive attitude to get through this weekend.

Congrats on your clear margins - sending good vibes for continued clear smears!!


I’ve spent hours googling and looking on here. None of it can give you the answers you need, only going to appointments can do that. Wish I could take my own advice!

I convinced myself my latest smear would be anything but clear. Just need to not look too far ahead, get Monday done and take it from there.


Thank you!! I know you are right, and also appreciate you acknowledging easier said than done. :slight_smile: I woke up in the middle of the night and began panicking that once I go Monday they are going to find a second primary cancer. Or that HPV of the throat will have caused throat cancer. And all the worries of the cervical carcinoma are just the beginning. I have awful health anxiety which is why I didn’t go to the doctor for so long. So kind my mind is going to every worst case scenario. I’m just trying to be patient and get to Monday. I know I will at least have a little more info and will have an onc I can go to with questions and concerns. Thank you again for sharing. This forum and all of you strong, brave women are amazing!

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Hi just wanted to tell you my journey. I had smewr last april. Results cin 3.
Next was mri and pet scan that didint detect tumours.
Next came the colposcopy which said i had micro invasive squamous carcinoma.
I had a lletz under ga as they took quite a bit of the cervix out. All removed with clear margins.
But due to the type of cancer it was and my age 45. My mdt team said id have to have RH. Everything removed. Apparently this was recommended as carcinoma can come back in ovaries and obviously there no test for them.
Histology report came back as some abnormal cells but fallopian tubes and ovaries non remarkable which means all is removed.Im now awaiting my 6 month vault colposcopy check. Cross fingers no new abnormal cells. Trust in the fact it is indeed microinvasive which means they have caught it early x


Hi Pookey,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. That’s so helpful to hear and also understand a little of what to expect.

Do you remember if they did an endocervical curretage (ecc) when they did the colposcopy? My results came back showing cin3 on the ECC which is making me freak out even more for some reason. Thinking it’s way more extensive.

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Hey i dont think they did. I know they said it was a small area but when i had lletz under ga the area that was removed was alot bigger than they thought but thats only to ensure i had clear margins. I know there so much anxiety and stress in the not knowong part but sounds like they ugot it early for you. X

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You are right Pookey. The uncertainty is terrible. I wish I had asked my colposcopist more questions as to what her examination showed and the biopsy. Especially when she called with the results. My mind went frozen. Monday can’t come soon enough and I’m just ready to get some more information and hopefully start treatment to get this crap out of my body!

I’ll be sending good vibes and prayers to you for your 6 months. It sounds like they caught yours early and got you treated quickly so I pray you are in the clear!! Xo.

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How did you get on yesterday?

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Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, they had to reschedule my appointment as the doctor had emergency surgery. I completely understood but just started crying when they told me because I was a bundle of nerves. I did talk to the nurse who was so kind and tried to reassure me I would feel much better after I had my appointment and had a plan. She told me the doctor would be able to tell so much from an exam and my biopsy results. It is amazing how much info a tiny sample can give. I’m still so scared that tomorrow will bring worse news. Like it has already spread or is advanced. Or they find cancer in other places of unrelated causes. But I’m trying to remind myself that is mostly anxiety. And no matter what they find, there is hope for most things now a days. Thanks for checking in. I go in the morning and will post once I’ve processed!


Hey hope your ok x

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Hi Pookey! Thanks for checking in! I meant to post the other day but My anxiety is still coming down. My appointment went really well. The oncologist and her resident were amazingly kind and patient. But the oncologist was also kind of blunt and was really up front and telling me I should not be worried that everything is going to be okay.

They did a physical exam and didn’t feel anything abnormal in my pelvis or lymph nodes. They looked at the cervix and did not see any masses or lesions. She did see some red abnormalities that she said looked to her like high grade dysplasia, but further test would have to be done to know for sure what the diagnosis would be. I’m going to have a cold knife coneization biopsy under general anesthesia. I know that’s the best case scenario, but I am still very nervous as I’ve never been under anesthesia before. I definitely also have some nerves about what they may find or what the results will be then because I know that will be a more final verdict as to the extent of the spread or invasiveness.

Aside from just dealing with the general anxiety, health, anxiety and fears of anesthesia, all is well. Lol. But in truth, I am so thankful and feel so blessed that from what they’ve said, it is very very early.

It’s kind of weird. I felt relief on Wednesday, but the anxiety is definitely persisting. I also feel some guilt for having that anxiety. Still. I feel like should have left that appointment jumping for joy. Especially when I saw so many people in the waiting room. Here I am getting the best news you could get from an oncologist or just about the best news and yet I’m still worrying about what they might find or if something else is wrong with me. Just kind of weird. Did you experience anything like that?

Hi lovely.
Good news they have caught it early. It is totally understandable that you are very anxious. I was. Its the fear of the unknown and the words invasive and cancer. Glad your having treatment under ga. I got very stressed about that too as I’d never had a ga before either. But honestly ive had two now. One for biopsy and removal of the area in cervix. Op lasted about half hour. I was assured all the way through from anaesthetist and nurse and before i knew i was waking up again! Not groggy sat up and had a cup of tea biscuit. Then thought wow was that it. No after affects whatsoever. I bled for a while which is understandable when they are cutting something out of you but within a few days everything settled down. Had a bit of tummy cramp like a peeiod pain but i was fine. I stressed so much waiting for results of that. Results came in that it was all removed with clear margins. But due to type of cancer mdt advised hysterectomy. I opted for ovary removal as this rype of cancer can in a small chance go to ovaries. I knew I’d stress more if they did remove them. They said it was the right decision for me and the fact I’m 46 now and going through perimenopause. I waited 3 months for the hysterectomy and i did so much reading about opand what to expect. GA again but this time for 3 and a half hours. When i woke up i was a little groggy but soon came round. Again had tea and biscuits. The main thing that bothered me was the anaesthetic gave me such a dry mouth for a night. I hope this helps you. Am happy to chat any time x

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Thanks for sharing your story Pookey and your experiences. I survived my first GA! You were right, it was before I knew it that I was waking up and all was good. My results came back and confirmed the Microinvasive, but said there were negative margins. Which I’m very thankful to hear. They are doing additional testing on the biopsy - to check for potential lymph node invasion. So the waiting game continues… LOL. I think from what I’ve read that is pretty standard if there is a cancer diagnosis. Said this will help us create a treatment plan. I was hopeful after the cone biopsy I wouldn’t need further treatment. I’m a bit nervous about what that means and what will happen next, but I’m trying to think positively. I hope you are doing well and have a good weekend.

Hi lovely! So glad it all went smoothly for you. Hopefully all is removed and no further treatment for you. I’m doing good. I have a nagging pain in my side which i think is scar tissue. I will discuss once i get my appointment for colposcopy. Was supposed to be beginning of this month but I’m still waiting. I did call my consultant secretary and all I got was tour on the waiting list. Dri ing me ra,y all the waiting. Im really hoping all is clear. The RH has been a long recovery. Keep us updated with your progress. I have everything crossed for you x