Microinvasive diagnosis, but VERY concerned.

I was recently diagnosed with microinvasive cervical cancer, which I know is basically the best case scenario, but I am still concerned...

Each time I've been to see my gyno the results of my pap, colposcopy, and leep have all been worse than the previous appointment.  I was in for a pap, it came back lsil, went back for a follow up, it came back ASC-H.  Biopsy confirmed HSIL (severe dysplasia).  At that time my Dr. said don't worry it's just dysplasia it is NOT cancer.  He scheduled me for a leep procedure and that was that.

I waited a long time for the results of my leep, over a month.  Apparently my gyno sent my leep results to an oncologist for advice, because my leep results came back as microinvasive cervical cancer with negative margins (meaning they didn't get all of the abnormal cells during my first leep).  My options are a follow up leep in 2 months time, or a simple hysterectomy.  I don't know what to do...I'm only 28 yrs old.  The decision between a leep and a hystrerectomy is a huge jump, but I don't know if I want to just wait around for more leeps and results as like I said, each time I've gone to see my gyno, I've gotten worse news, not to mention these changes have all happened in less than a year.


Now my question is, has anyone been diagnosed with microinvasive cancer and then gone for a follow up leep, cone biospy, etc, where the results came back worse?  Like I really don't know what to do as far as treatment for this.  Is a second leep the better option?  I'm just afraid of wasting more time waiting for results, and things getting worse.    



sounds like youve ouceve been through a horrible experience so far!

but I think the best option is to chat to your doctor. 

explain your concerns, ie, that you get worst at every appointment. 

ask about statics on having this treatment twice?! 

I will I could help or say more.But I think before you make that big choice, really do your researcH. 


Hugs to you 

Roxi x 

Hi Nester,

This is really hard. It is very very difficult indeed to offer advice about which procedure you should take when even your doctor isn't doing that. However, I suspect that your doctor would never knowingly put you at risk and so if you are being offered two very different treatments, I would tend to go for the lesser one. My reasoning for this is that you will continue to be monitored so if the first line of defence fails to produce the desired results you still have the option of a hysterectomy as a fall-back position.

What about a trachelectomy? Would your doctor consider that as a middle course of action?

I think you will find that there are really quite a lot of women here who have had real cancer cells totally cured by a LEEP.

Be lucky


Hi there… I had the same experience as yourself… Each stage was a little worse and then I was finally diagnosed from my lletz… My margins werent clear but I was very early stage.
I wasn’t given an option of waiting then another lletz… But they also didn’t recommend a full blown hysterectomy.
As I was only 25 without children they offered me a trachelectomy… Removal of my cervix… Obviously every case is different, but it may be worth you asking?
Take care and stay strong…Em x

You are so young. I'd go for the leep. You can always 'have more' but you can never have less. Meaning if the leep doesn't work again, you can always have a hysterectomy, but once you've had a hysterectomy you can't go back. Of course if you absolutely know you don't want children it's slightly different but don't underestimate the emotional effects of a hysterectomy. I was 42 with a child and no desire to have more, but it's still upsetting to not even have that option. Ultimately whatever decision you make will be best for you. 

Thank you so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. I was thinking about doing the second leep, and for reasons stated above. I have a lot of thinking to do and I really am thankful for all of your responses. 

My cancer was micro invasive and they treated me with a cone biopsy and lymph node removal in order to preserve my uterus. obviously every case is different but you are well within your rights to ask for further options as there seems to me there is a lot of Middle ground here that isn't covered! Best of luck 

Hi Nester, 

It does seem like a big jump between  both options. I had the same treatment as Sparkle, cone and lymph node removal following unsuccessful Lletz. I am 28 with no children.

I wish you the best with your treatments. 


Michelle  x