Micro invasive? So confused :0

Hi, ok please can anyone help, I got diagnosis of high grade dyskariosis cin3 and was told that the lab are concerned that it might be progressing to micro-invasive cancer; does mean that they can see from my test that it looks like it could be micro-invasive, or just that they are generally concerned as they are unable to tell? Please if anyone knows what they are able to tell just from the smear test I would be really grateful if there is anyone who could clarify this. thank you. 

To the best of my knowledge they can only tell the cell type from a smear test, they need to investigate a little further, either with biopsies or LLETZ to find out in greater detail. I imagine that they are using words such as micro-invasive in your case because you have been refusing treatment for something that is really quite dangerous for fifteen months. There comes a point when you have to realise that 'alive' might just be that little bit more important than 'sexy' (especially as far as your dog is concerned). And as I have said before, if you get it dealt with NOW, you might still be sexy. I have a bloody great Frankenstein's monster of a scar up my previously beautiful abdomen and not a scrap of libido left. This is what happens if you delay treatment and allow it to grow into a fair sized cancerous growth.

And please don't equate doctors with butchers, you might as well equate a priest with a fishmonger.

Be lucky


Thank you for your advice. I am now seriously considering what to do next. I am so sorry about your scalibidos he effects of your operation. Thank you for putting it into perspective. And thank you for making me laugh, the thing about the fishmonger cracked me up; I needed that! :) lots of love :) xxxxx

Sorry iphone typing not the best; meant to say scar and effects :) xx

If you are worrying about stuff that you cannot control, then get it seen to, by the people who are in the know as soon as possible. A Lletz op is not a big deal, everyone who is diagnosed with cin2/3 has it, and very few have any adverse  side effects. O ne thing I do know for sure, the longer you leave it, put it off, think it will go away, the less chance you will have of the Lletz op removing everything nasty. So take the bull by the horns and get it sorted asap!

Thank you Katie yes that is what I am starting to worry about; they told me some months ago there is a chance I could have cancer about 3 per cent; to me the op was more of a risk when I weighed it up but I am now worrying as there is no way of telling if it could have got worse without having the lletz as I would not be able to tolerate the biopsy and they have said they would put me out for the lletz.