MHRA HRT and risk of Breast Cancer Guidance

Hi All,


I just got back from a lovely holiday to receive a letter from my GP informing me of a new study that has been completed by the MHRA which states that a new study has confirmed that women who use HRT for longer than 1 year have a higher risk of breast cancer than women that never use it.


I know there has always been the risks associated with it, but with new guidance coming out it's become a bit of a concern. It states the following

  • The risk of breast cancer falls after HRT is stopped but some increased risk remains for more than 10 years compared to women who have never used HRT.
  • The increased risk of breast cancer is seen with ALL TYPES OF HRT, except for topical HRT applied directly into the vagina.
  • Your exact increase in risk will depend on what type of HRT you use and how long for.


I currently take Kliofem, and have done since May 2019. I don't suffer from any menopausal symptoms currently apart from the odd facial hair sprouting at inconvenient times, but prior to starting the HRT my mood was horrific and my flushes were unmanageable at times. 


The reason why i'm so concerned about this is because I'm 34, and my GP said that I should continue taking HRT up until the usual menopausal age, so in another 20 years time. I just wondered if anyone else has had similar interactions from their GPs, or whether anyone can offer any advice?


It took nearly a year of fighting with a practice nurse to get a prescription for HRT, I don't know if I can be bothered starting another fight.





The thing you will learn is that no two treatments are exactly the same, which is as it should be, because we are all different. You can try reading more on ankr website