Metastic cervical cancer (children mentioned)

Hi all, I am 35 and a mum of four children ages 14,9,8 and 5. I was diagnosed with metastic cervical cancer of the thoracic lymph nodes and bones in July 2012. I have just completed carbotaxol palliative chemotherapy in December 2012. My tumour markers have risen over these past few weeks dramatically, which my doc tells me means the chemo hasn’t been as successful as first thought. I was just wondering if anyone else on here has had any treatments for metastic disease, and if so how successful we’re they etc. I am now worried sick that other treatments might not be available for my doc to try? It would be great to hear from someone xxxxxxxx

Sorry i cant help but just wanted to Send u a big Hug x xx x

Hello Heidi, just wanted to say Hi and send you some warm wishes.  How are you doing? I completed treatment for stage 2b at the end of December so am just waiting for the results and although I have been really positive to this point, my mind is now working overtime as I have too much time on my hands!  I need to get back to work soon - just need to get over the fatigue! When I read your post, it struck a chord with me as I'm concious that the worry of the cancer returning (even if I get the all clear in the next couple of months) is going to be an issue for me.  Im 41 and have 2 young boys.

Have you had any radiation treatment at all?  Was it an option? I wasn'y offered surgery as my tumour had spread to surrounding tissue, but I am fully prepared that this may be  route I still need to go down.  I had 24 fractions of external beam radiation and 3 sessions of brachytherapy (internal rad) as well as the chemotherapy.

Please keep posting and let us know how you are - I hope you get some informative replies to your post too.  Sorry I can't give you much advice or info but if you ever want to chat, feel free to contact me


hi andrea,

i was origannly diagnosed with stage 1b1 in 2009, i had a radical hysterectomy and lymphadonectomy, then followed by cisplatin chemotherapy once a week for six weeks, at the same time as the chemo, i had radiotherapy everyday for 6 weeks, which they radiotherpied my pelvis.

I was then diagnosed this year with metastic cervical cancer, it is in my right and left femur. The left illiac wing of my pelvis, my right collar bone, my fifth left rib in the chest and also my lower spine. Thats all the bones it was found in. I then had a medianostophy biopsy of my chest lymphnodes, which showed the cancer was also in my chest lymphnodes, but they say i havent got a Tumour as such, anywhere in my body. Just alot of cells, in the bones and lymphnodes.

My doctor then told me that they can only offer me palliative care. And that chemotherapy is the route i need to take, to try to slow the cancer down or at least halt it in its tracks. I started carbotaxol chemo in july and finished the course in decmber, literally just before christmas. My last dose of chemo had to be delayed by 2 weeks as i caught a nasty cold and chest infection, which is why the doctor says the cancer became active again, due to a break in the treatment.

Obviously, i am concerned. I spoke to my macmillan nurse and she says its now down to the doctor what route we take in treatment, as they dont want to give me a chemo if its not going to work.

She said they maybe able to radiotherapy parts of the body that contain the bulk of the cancer but they cannot radiotherapy the whole body, as the body wouldnt be able to deal with it, but then she said they also cannot radio a place that has been radio'd before. But my question there is, well thats where the bulk of my cancer is, where they did it before.

So i am sort of left just wondering what now?

My scan has been brought forward to the end of this month and i get the results on the 18th feb, which is when the doc will then discuss with me what the plan of action is.  As much as i hate chemo and radio, if it is going to prolong my life, then i will take it, i just feel like the path is blocked at the mo, if you know what i am saying. Are there any options for me ?


Hi Heidi,

sorry, if I had read your signature properly I would have seen you had radio etc.  After reading your post I can see that its not so straightforward.  I was going to suggest posting on the mcmillan site but I think I have seen that you have done this already.  I'm sorry I cant really offer any advice but am here for support if you want to chat etc.  Stay positive and I hope you get some god news about treatments soon.  You sound like a real fighter Heidi and it has carried you through this far.  With all the Cancer Research advertising and media attention on cancer at the moment, I'm sure they are not far away fom making some real breakthtoughs with all cancers.  Please keep posting to let us know how you are doing....and remember we are all here to support each other, even if we cant always provide the answers

Take care

Andrea xxx


I am in a very similar situation to yourself although they have postponed my pallative chemo as I have slowed right down but I know one lady on here Loulou and she has just finished her treatment and it was very succesful, more so than they thought too.  They is some hope. I know how desperate that you must be feeling, I probably feel the same.  I am sure that Lou lou wouldnt mind you PM her as shes very pro active and has been a big help to me.

Im thinking of you

Kate x

Hi Heidi,

I have not been on the forum for a couple of months and thought I should come on and update how I was doing and found your post .

I am really sorry to hear about your diagnosis and the recent news about activity. I had stage 2b diagnosed in June 2010 and had chemo/rad followed by a pelvic exenteration in Jan 2011 as the cancer was still in my cervical stump. In May 2012 I was diagnosed with mets in lymph nodes in chest, pelvis and para aortia and bone in my shoulder and spine.

I was accepted onto a trial called CIRCa which has stopped recruiting now but I had to come off the drug as my body was too sensitive. I received 6 cycles of Carboplatin and Taxol from June to October and like you had some delays due to blood count. I am scanned every 2 months as part of the trial and my last scan showed that the all lymph nodes were clear, lungs were clear and although my bones were not specifically looked at the commentary said clear when previously it has said sclortic (healing). I am obviously only a few months post chemo and my next scan will be March. I know that this is temporary and that the cancer will come back but I am hoping that it will be a long time off yet but nobody knows.

I know what they have said to me that if it does then it is likely that I will not be offered any further chemo but like you they may offer radiotherapy for pain relief to areas that have not been zapped before. 

This said none of this really helps you with your questions.

There a few different chemo treatments and I know of other ladies recently who have swapped over chemo treatments as theirs was not working and they have mets. I am not a medic and so cannot advise but may be worth doing a bit of research prior to your next appointment and if you are not happy seek a 2nd opinion. The chemo that is generally used for cervical cancer from the cancer research uk website are: 

Where about in the country are you? Jo's also have support groups and you might find attending one helpful. If you look under 'Support' on the website it will list where they are. 

If you have a specific question then the 'Ask the Expert' can be really useful on here. They can only answer the question generally but sometimes that can be of great help.

I am more than happy for you to private message me.

Sorry I could not be of any more use and I hope that you can get answers to your questions.


Lou x