Hi Ladies,

       Its been a while since i last posted here i remember its been 4monhs the time  found out my metastasis.

I decided not to receive the chemo treatment that time cause im so afraid i cannot handle it instead i look for other alternative way,a friend of mine introduce mo to china cancer hospital where they have alternative treatments not only surgery,chemo or radio. Now its been 4moths when i started here the offer a treatment plan for my situation which i receive seed implantation hwich the will plant those little seeds direct to the tumor and it worked! 

      What really upset me know is the late side effect from my radiation last year,3 weeks before i had bleeding from my rectum and it really scares me i went to see a doctors and they all said i might have te radiotherapy side effect and  when i come back in china the confirmed it is radiation damage tough their managing to stop the blooding cause i lost lots of blood...radiation really sucks!!!! i hate it i hate this feeling!

     And one more upsetting news ct scan result is not good i have mets in my liver already also still small so they decided to treat it right away of seed implantaion just saddend about metastasis,my  mind is so full hoping it will there any ladies out there have mets some parts of their organs already? i have 3 kids i cant help to cry everytime i think of them i dont wanna leave them so early i want a longer life i wanna see them grow up my heart really breaks.I feel so down this past few days thinking how many years i still have...wish theres something to do about metastasis.....

       Pease give me hope!! 

Hello my dear,

I am so sorry to read your story and to see how scared you are. I am sure we all feel for you and your family.

I don't really understand what the treatment you had in China, but I would urge you to make sure that you are getting the very best treatment for your condition. Chemotherapy is a frightening thought, but it might be what you need to give you the best possible outcome.

Maybe you could talk to Jo's Ask the Expert service to get some more professional advice? Please don't let fear stop you from getting the help you need.


Hi hunni

i echo what the lovely  Rosehip has already said.

one of my biggest fears  at the beginning was needing chemoradation.As things turned out surgery was a better option fir me at the time but  if it would have improved my prognosis i would just said  yes yes yes!

everything seens scary but pleaae do not let fear cloud your judgement and listen to the medical team looking after you

Best wishes

kath xx

Hi Jasmine,

Can't offer any advice but just wanted to give you hugs! I remember 'chatting' to you when you were newly diagnosed, so I hate that you are continuing to have 'issues' with CC.

Thinking of you hun,

Ceri xx