metalic smelling discharge

Hi just after some advice, had lletz on tuesday, no bleeding (as yet) but i have a yellowish metallic smelling discharge? And a stomach that looks 6 months pregnant:/ just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this, dont want to sit in the doctors all morning tomorrow if its normal

Thanks in advance 


Yep :) I was soooooooo swollen for about 2 weeks, still a little swollen now on almost week four.

I had a metallic discharge but it was bloody and obviously blood smells metallic. If it is not bloody, perhaps it is because of the silver nitrate they use to stop the bleeding?

I think you only have to worry if it smells foul, like rotten and bad. If you are not sure though you could always call your GP for a telephone consultation rather than spend ages in the surgery :) good luck I hope it's all ok

Hi kay thanks for replying, ive had no bleeding as yet, keep expecting it to come any day, just stomach cramps, swollen belly and as i said this smelly discharge, my gp dosnt do telephone consultations:( its really hard to get into see a doctor, id have to know 2 weeks in advance that i was going to be ill to get a appointment, they do open surgery but sometimes you can be sat there for 3 hours, its not very practical!!!  You have put my mind at ease, anyway as it all seems normal, if i do get worse then will go to the doctors. 


Thank you and good luck with your results :) xx

Does sound familiar, I couldn't bear to have trousers buttoned up over my tummy as they were tight and felt tender. Think I know what you mean about the smell, not horrible just different. I've not had any problems. Not so swollen/bloated now. But if you get any pain or smell changes should call Dr's and say it's an emergency for appointment as will be if infection isn't treated asap


where you you hon? If you're in the uk you can ring 111, same as old NHS direct. Mind, I don't think metallic smell sounds too worrying, as Kay says.

take care,

Molly xx

Thanks stacey, im not overly concerned think i was more paranoid that i stink and other ppl may smell it!! Things us women go through haha, but if i do notice a change or it gets worse i will see my gp, my swollen stomach could also be to do with the fact ive given up smoking and cant stop eating!!! Im hoping this faze will pass!! And quick :) 


Hi hun, I had my lletz on Monday and my tummy blew up like u have described. So I think that is normal? Its also normal to not bleed straight after as far as I understand from what I have read. Keep an eye on the smell of the discharge.  Going on what I have had the last cpl of days. It started like a metallic smell which I thought was normal but what seemed like overnight.  It changed to a really bad smell, almost like a dead animal (I know that is waaay tooo much information! :() but just thought I would let you know my experience, as we seem to be at a similar stage x

Thanks moll, yeah am in uk, will keep that number in mind :) thank you xx

Thanks emma thats really helpful, i will definitely keep an eye on it and if at any point it gets worse i will see somebody, hope your recovery is going well, other than the infection of course!!! Hope your results are good news :) 

Take care 


I know exactly what you mean, I was very paranoid about that! 


I had mine on Thursday and after some light bleeding for the first couple of days I've had lots of discharge just with a slightly orange tint to it and it also smells metallic.  Also I feel about 6 months pregnant and my tummy has swelled up .  Also not comfortable wearing anything with a tight waistband - not even leggings.  Its good to know other people are having or had the same thing - must mean it's normal, right?  Always check with your Dr if in doubt even if it just settles your worried mind.  I was woozy for the first couple of days but after a consultation with my GP and her checking me over I felt a whole lot better .

Hi :) 

Ive had to see my gp this morning as the pain in my lower stomach was unbearable even when the doctor felt it i wanted to punch him, turns outi do have a infection, have been given two lots of antibiotics:( hopefully these will help me.

Thank you hope your well xx

O dear hope you feel better soon. So hard as everyone is so different,  glad you went and got checked out. X

Thanks stacey 

Wouldnt have gone if it wasnt for the pain, it feels like something is pulling mt stomach and everything mite fall out!!! Been told to rest, easier said than done when having 3 kids tho



Easier said than done full stop! I felt like that the day after but after that the pain got better so I didn't feel there was a potential infection problem, but obviously was right thing to do if it wasn't going away.