Mesonephric Adenocarcinoma of the Cervix

Hi, I was diagnosed with a mesonephric adenocarcinoma (cervix) in august 2009. My surgeon told me it's a very rare type and only 30 other recorded cases worldwide. At the time my prognosis was poor as there was very little known about this particular cancer of the cervix. I had a radical hysterectomy and brachytherapy in October and November 2009. I have just reached 4 year all clear milestone.....yippee.....And the reason I'm posting this is to let anyone else newly diagnosed or a survivor my positive story. Is there anyone else out there who is newly diagnosed or a survivor?

Katy x


Hi Katy,

it's posts like urs that make me feel so much better. Thank you xxx

im 6 wks post op and healing well but my head has now started playing silly beggars... I've been very philosophical about it all since op and focused on healing but now I've started to really think about the cancer for me personally rather than just a word. It's messes with the mind. So I'm think I'm doing well then I burst into tears periodically!!! Oh dear...

so thank u for posting. How was ur recovery time for you all those years ago? I'm so glad to hear ur a survivor. well done u!!

xxx dons

Did they tell you that you had cervical adenosis before this diagnosis?

I came to this forum to see if I found anyone else with this very rare type as I also have mesonephric adenocarcinoma - 1B2 stage. All the parts removed with radical hysterectomy on 2/2/22 and I am starting chemo/radiation April 4.

Your message is really old and I am hoping it means you continued to enjoy your life well past those first 4 years NED, but I wanted to respond in thanks for sharing it so someone like me could run into it 10 years later and so that if anyone else out there searches the same type, we can find each other. I don’t WISH for others to be in this small weird club but here we are.

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Oh and also you’re a Kate like me :kissing_heart: cheers

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Hi Kate. I’m so sorry you’re on this journey but on a positive note, I’m now in my 13th “all clear” year. How are you doing? :heart: Katy x


Hi. Sorry for not replying! I started “spotting” blood and went to GP. I had a mirena coil fitted & thought it might need replacing. GP thought it might be a fibroid so quick referral to gynae. Biopsied & to my total shock was told it was a mesonephric adenocarcinoma

I am thrilled to hear that! Here’s to that always being the answer. I am doing fine - ready to get on with the radiation and chemo and hopefully get on with my life as well. So good to hear from you and I will let my docs know I found another special one.

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