Merry Christmas to every wonderful strong woman on here

A quick note to say Merry Christmas to all the amazing women on here! 
This forum was so supportive and helpful to me on one of this toughest years yet, I am sure that is the same for many!

So no matter where we are all in our journeys, I hope we can all relax and have a lovely Christmas and know we are all so strong and resilient and everything will be okay!

Merry Christmas to you all and your families, here's to 2021 xxxx

Jenjen I echo your sentiments. There is a super group of strong supportive women on this site who are always ready to offer advise despite fighting their own battles. 
I have just read again how this whole site was founded and what a selfless thing Jo's family did by setting up this site. I know I would have been lost this past year without it. 
Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021. 
x Maria

Thank you JenJen87. Tomorrow I go in for my hysterectomy (fingers crossed no cancellation at the last minute!) Christmas was like a bright warm cushion between me and it, and I had a lovely - if quiet - time with my husband. Next year I plan to fill the house!

Some friends called by to drop of Christmas presents and included was a non-Christmas present for me - a after-surgery present they called it. It was a lovely snuggly warm huge wrap - a noo-noo - someone makes them with recycled fibers I think. It's a 20% wool blend, it's blue with red and yellow and brown striping which is beautiful. I was so touched! I'm wearing it now.

This has been a tough Christmas for everyone, and having cervical cancer on top of all the other challenges doesn't help but I hope everyone here has felt some of the warmth and friendship and support from the rest of us and I hope 2021 is going to be a better year all round, and cancer free for as many of us as possible.



Love this <3

i am a bit late but hope all you and your families had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all a healthy and happy 2021