Mental health reoccurrence

Hi everyone!

I had cervical cancer 3 years ago. I was 27. The one thing that’s been harder than having cancer for me is coping with my mental health afterwards. I am OK for long periods and out of nowhere crumble and back on the anti-depressants. Any one else have this experience where they can cope ok with life after but then something hits you and a year later your emotionally unstable and then a year after that it happens again when you think you’ve already dealt with and mended your depression.

Thanks for any feedback or sharing of your story.


Hi Nicolaw1986

I can only say that i found out 3 months ago that i have cc and all i can think about is what if it comes back so i cant even say what i would be like if i was 3 years on. This had really been so hard on me so i feel for u hope things get better. XX

I have been learning about how trauma is stored in our bodies and even more so about the trauma related to medical conditions. It doesn't surprise me that this happens to a number of women who experience cancer. 

I am not far out from treatment however already experience symptoms of PTSD related to this entireordeal. I keep working away at it and cope with things as they come up. I also practice mindfulness, grounding, and meditation daily. Some days these things work and sometimes they don't however I keep doing them anyway.

The most important feedback I can give you is to please remember to have compassion for yourself ❤

I think I'm just in denial x 

Hi Nicola :-)

About a year after disgnosis I took myself off for counselling. It took me a while to find the right counsellor but when I found her oh my goodness she was brilliant! She was a specialist cancer counsellor working closely with Macmillan. I have been a stronger person ever since. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Be lucky :-)

I'm the same I'm 2 years post treatment and im fine one minute then breaking down crying the next - like tonight I was fine then I just burst out crying for no reason - it's depression and it's always going to be a work in progress - I've had depression since I was 11, I've never taken antidepressants as they mong me and I don't want them I found councilling helped me but it's so hard to get unless you pay.

ive found taking a walk to clear my head helps - writing down what's bothering me reading it back then screwing it jp and throwing it away can help - sometimes just having a cry and taking to a friend helps'll have dark moments but the thing to remember is never stay there get yourself up dust yourself down and move on (harder than it sounds) I've battled depression for a long time and I refuse to let it beat me x

Hi Nicola

Thanks so much for sharing your experience here.

I know I'm a bit in advance positing here as I haven't started my treatment yet and only diagnosed with cc less than 3 weeks ago, but I can absolutely relate to what you are saying and know that at some point in the not too distant future I will be seeking out counselling to help with this

I think the focus after diagnosis is often one day at a time, treatment plan and recovery so I can imagine only once you have got through these bits it is when you can look back and really process what has happened. It is most definitely a pchological trauma as well as a physical one.

Sending the best to you.

Rachel xx