Menstrual cup after LLETZ?

Hi guys, I came to this site after doing some googling. So first of all, Hi, I am Cherie, I am 32 and a single mum from Sydney Australia. I got an abnormal pap smear result in November of last year, it showed CIN3 with high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion. I had to have a biopsy and Colposcopy done which confirmed that result, and just this past Wednesday I had my LLETZ surgery under a general anesthetic. now... my question is, I haven't had any bleeding or discharge after surgery, up until now, which my period is starting. but I have spent the last of my money on school lunches and am out of pads. so I have had to use my menstrual cup - is this going to cause problems or anything? Is this bad? I don't really have any other choice at the moment until I get paid on Tuesday. TIA for not judging.... money is really tight right now... :(