Has anyone on here not decided to start hrt after treatment?

I am 2 years post treatment and have coped really well with menopause symptoms and have hardly had any and it doesn’t have seem to have affected me, however, im starting to worry as im reading online that if i dont take it it can cause heart problems etc. i just don’t know what to do.

Any suggestions? Xx

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I take HRT, I read up a lot before I made my decision. I had my ovaries removed so started Menapause as soon as they were removed.
Everyone is different and you should consider the full risks and benefits before taking it. I’d already had a full hysterectomy so it was an easy decision for me.
Try for information
Or speak with a Menapause consultant.
I see a private one who is great.

Thanks for replying.

Yeah i just had chemo and radiotherapy so still have my overies. I have red up about hrt etc but im just worried as we do have blood clots and other cancers in the family so im scared. Just in 2 minds what to do x

There’s breast cancer in my family, my aunt on my mothers side. It also makes a difference how old you are and whether or not you still have your womb, I’m guessing you do, along with loads of other things. I would see a menapause specialist, she will be a lot more qualified than anyone on here!

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Hey … yes I’m on HRT patches … I was plunged in to menopause :hot_face: the patches definitely help xxx talk to GP but I’d say try what you think would be good for you … these work for me but you may be more suited to different meds xxx also I have nothing down there …. Had a radical hysterectomy and everything is gone

I’m six years cancer free today, I was diagnosed April fools day. I had six weeks of chemo / radium / brachytherapy went straight into menopause and I felt I coped well, three years later I became very tired :yawning_face: sleeping less no energy and very short tempered . I am nearly a year on h r t gel and I can’t say how much better I feel, more energy better humour. Defo if you can do.


Congratulations @Elizabeth.43! 6 yeras is a wonderful and gives hope to so many of us xx

Shammy many thanks :pray:.
Best wishes :muscle:to you xx